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Art Has No Borders

Miguel Angel Ramirez founder of the arts school “Casa Taller Encuentros”

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the studio of an amazing El Salvadorian artist by the name of Miguel Angel Ramirez. I was not only impressed with his magnificent semi-surreal paintings, but also the mentoring and teaching he does with local children in painting, ceramics and sculpture. His expansive multi-level studio is a work of art unto itself.

You can’t walk any where around his grounds without encountering amazing paintings, large photographs, sculptures and a wide array of sculptural reliefs carved into large blocks of stone created primarily by his students.

One of the many large stone sculptures you will encounter on the studio grounds

He literally has an art school for the local children – a very nurturing and conducive environment for making art and giving kids a constructive and positive outlet for their energy both after school and on weekends.

Miguel Teaching His Students

According to Ella House Fine Art Gallery web site…..“Miguel Angel Ramirez has a heart for children. He is the founder of the arts school “Casa Taller Encuentros” where he teaches kids, young people and even adults, mostly from low-income families, to connect with their inner artist. This school, located in Panchimalco, is a beautiful place of inspiration where his dreams to help others are becoming a reality.”

One thing I continue to learn as I travel around different countries is that artists, no matter what their nationality have a great deal in common. We’re driven to express ourselves and use the art making process as a way to make some sense out of the world around us and hopefully gain more insight into the human condition. We filter external reality into a variety of art forms and mediums in both abstract and realistic ways.

The artists and photographers I’ve encounter in my travels are so very passionate about their art – no matter what medium he/she works in. Most artists are very giving people and want to share their enthusiasm for art with others, whether that be just explaining their creative process with friends and acquaintances or in the case of Miguel teaching children the wonders of art both technically and conceptually without being compensated financially – there is compensation however, when you can see your students grow as artists and develop as creative individuals.

Outdoor Photo Gallery

Check out this blog for more information and observations about Miguel’s Studio and Work. Suchatoughenchilada

Here are a few more photographs I took in and around Miguel’s studio during my visit. In a world of chaos, uncertainty and confusion many artists like Miguel are working daily trying to make this world just a little bit better. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.


One comment on “Art Has No Borders

  1. Henry James Stindt
    September 30, 2012

    Beautiful; clearly a soul child.

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