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Slovakia’s Castles, Cathedrals and Chateau’s

Travel gives you insight into so many layers of the cultural fabric of a country. You learn things you don’t get from books or in school. Lifestyles, local cuisine, language, religion and even a sense of the traditional clothes people wear in different countries. As I walked through a museum in Slovakia for example, I noticed that traditional Slovakian dress had some similarities to the Mayan outfits I saw when I was in Guatemala last month.

We had a fantastic tour guide for our weekend in Slovakia. Dusan Bevilaqua drove us all over the Northern Slovakia. He was so very attentive to our needs and bent over backwards to make sure he took us to the most unique and historically interesting and culturally significant attractions in the region.

He took us to incredible museums and Cathedrals that showcased the great artists, woodcarvers, furniture makers, alters, musicians and family dynasties of the country.

We toured castles, cathedrals and stopped at local cafes for tea and coffee to warm us along the way. Dusan seemed to know everyone and was even able to get us into Cathedrals and museums that were closed to the public.

A highlight of our weekend was being taken up to the bell tower of a local Cathedral and not only watching the Bell ringer pull the thick ropes down to ring the bells, but also be given the opportunity to ring the ancient bells ourselves.


I had no idea how difficult it would be to pull the rope down then hold on while it literally pulled you up and off your feet. Very cool experience!

The Northern Slovakian landscape is absolutely majestic and timeless with snow capped mountains, winding rivers surrounded by foliage and forests. I feel as though I’ve stepped back in time as we drove from village to village in search of more castles, cathedrals and chateau’s.

Its been a great and insightful long weekend here in Northern Slovakia. Next stop is Bratislava for the Festival of Photography and participating in the Portfolio Reviews.

Check out my observations about the the Slovakian History of Photography Museum at Transmedia as well. Click Here!!

The slide show below will give you a visual snap shot of my weekend touring around northern Slovakia. All for now…must catch a train! Enjoy the show!

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5 comments on “Slovakia’s Castles, Cathedrals and Chateau’s

  1. airlie pelletier
    October 30, 2012

    great photos! i especially enjoyed the image of the nuns walking and also seeing the unusual foliage of slovakia. glad you’re enjoying your travels!

  2. keoughp
    October 30, 2012

    Thanks Airlie! I just wish I had my long lens with me when those nuns came out of the church. I’m in Bratislava now for the European Festival of Photography. Awesome city! Lots of photo shows and exhibitions. I’m in my element.

  3. Mary
    October 30, 2012

    I really enjoyed yourpost. I’m planning to go to Slovakia next year and would love the info on your guide. I usually travel independently, but it sounds like Yours was really able to provide an experience you couldn’t get otherwise.

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  5. Slovakia
    April 30, 2013

    there are couple of nice castles in slovakia – sarissky hrad, spissky hrad, in trencin, stara lubovnia, kezmark.

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