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Train to Bratislava……..

I’m traveling by train from Northern Slovakia to Bratislava with my colleague Roberto Muffalotto. We were smart and booked a first class cabin for the 5 hour trip across country. It’s really comfortable, quiet and private.  The scenic views scream across my eyes like a movie in fast motion. The constantly changing landscape is really fantastic – almost surreal! We pass beautiful snow covered mountains dotted with tall pines reaching up towards the sky, expansive lakes and quaint villages as we head to our next destination.

Slovakian Landscape Photographed from Train Window

There is something nostalgic and even romantic about riding on a train – especially in Europe. It’s like being in a 1940’s black and white movie, especially with all the snow covered mountains and pine trees passing by our window. I’m just waiting for Bob Hope or Bing Crosby to walk in our Cabin and start singing Christmas songs.

This trip has been so much more than just a vacation after retirement from full time teaching.  It’s been the perfect transition from full time employment into the next chapter of my journey through this thing called life.

This past month I’ve had time to think, contemplate and be introspective about the past.  I have come to grips with the fact that you can’t change the past – all you can do is learn and grow from it and not let the bad choices and decisions haunt you and impact your present too negatively.

My colleague Roberto looking out train window

As I step into this next phase of my life, I want to clean the slate – take what I have learned so far and apply it to my present and the future.  Not an easy task for an Irish Catholic who grew up in New York.

The train is so symbolic of our journey through life. Just sitting back and watching the countryside go by is like time passing. The older we get…the faster it goes by. Photography, art and writing are my ways of making some sense of it all.

We will be doing portfolio reviews as part of the European Month of Photography in addition to attending a lot of photography exhibitions and receptions.  It will be a fun and challenging opportunity to apply my photography and teaching skills again.

Must sign off now…. the train is pulling into the station. Click here from my initial observations about European Month of Photography.


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