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Stepping into the Past….

Clouds reflected in Blydenburg Lake

I had the good fortune to go out photographing this morning with my old childhood buddy Jim Dunn  at one of my favorite places on Eastern Long Island – Blydenburg Park.  I spent many idyllic summer days fishing in the lake back when I was growing up in Smithtown, LI. in the sixties. It was a magical time with great memories of catching yellow perch, sunfish, brim and the occasional  wide mouth bass from the shore or in the old metal row boats you could rent for 50 cents an hour. It was a weird almost surreal feeling looking out at the lake again after being gone so many years.

Jim Dunn shooting sunrise ever Blydenburg Lake

Jim and I reconnected on Facebook this past summer, and I soon realized he was as passionate about photography as I was so we created a Photography Sharing Group that has grown to over 100 members.

Since I’m here on Long Island visiting family for Thanksgiving we were able to get together and go in search of a few good pictures at the nature park this morning. I got to the parking lot before sunrise with  coffee in hand and saw Jim getting out his camera gear.  Funny how 25 years can go bye, but when you see a childhood friend again its like you never left town. There is a certain bond that childhhood friends have that lasts a lifetime.

Old Mill Painted in Morning Light

We got to the water’s edge just as the bright autumn sun rose over the trees and bathed the landscape a deep, glowing crimson orange.  Bam!  Time to get into shooting mode.  If you go out to a good location for an entire morning in good light you are going to come back with a few good images. At least that’s always my goal.

Clouds over Lake from other side of Blydenburg

The slide show below are a few of my favorite shots from our mornings photo excursion, in addition to a lone photo trip I took to the local beach.. I enjoyed making the photographs, however the real joy for me came from 2 old buddies talking about old times, catching up on the childhood friends and sharing stories and special memories from days gone by.

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  1. lesuperkikke
    November 24, 2012


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