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Excellent Photographic Epiphany at Horatio Blog

I just read a blog post by Horatio Carney called Let’s See the Prints. I was impressed by the essay and his insights so I am sharing it here on KeO BloG.

Horatio Carney - Photo by Andei Keough

Horatio Carney – Photo by Andei Keough

A little bit about him…“As a photographer, you raise the viewfinder to your eye and hope. With a little luck, the scene begins to compose itself, slowly perhaps or maybe in a fleeting burst human brilliance. When the frame is just right and the release depressed, validation comes in the form of a click. All that is left to do is walk away.

For me, street photography is the tantalizing hunt for light and humanity in the unknown. It is my love of this documentary art that has brought me to create this site. Here, I hope to display my work and transmit that which I have learned to others via my blog.”

Click Here to read his post called Let’s See The Prints

There are some very interesting revelations in this short essay about the differences between digital and analog photography as far as the each form is presented, stored and evaluated. It’s good to see young photographers being introspective about the technical and conceptual process of photography whether that be digital and/or film based picture making.

Sometimes I think we as photographers can get to close to our work and it gives us tunnel vision concerning our personal style and direction as image makers.  I think  it is important to step back sometimes and put some distance between ourselves and our images in order to gain a deeper insight and perspective on where we are going and where we’ve been photographically. Lets face it…most photography (except perhaps commercial) like all art forms is autobiographical to some extent.

Check out Horatio’s Street Photography by clicking here!

Keep blogging and shooting Horatio Brennan!


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