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The Art of Seeing Workshop – El Salvador May 18 – 19th

Seeing Photographically, Environmental Portraits and Creative Cell Phone Photography.
If you’re an amateur photographer and want to know and experience the techniques, tips and tricks of the Art of Seeing, this workshop is for you. Learn tips and techniques for photographically capturing the world you didn’t think possible with your lens.
Nestled among the Ilamatepec Mountain Range in western El Salvador, Portezuelo Park thrives within a 800 acres of an active coffee farm. At an altitude which ranges from 4000 ft to 6000ft, the park offers nature, adventure, and breathtaking views. This is an excellent and very conducive environment for creative photography.
The volcanic terrain in Portezuelo Park makes it ideal for Akwaterra’s capturing unique and visually dynamic nature photographs and a great setting for environmental portraits.
The photography workshop cost is $250 and includes transportation to and from the site, accommodations, lectures, demonstrations and critiques and most meals. $225 if payment is made in full by May 1st. — at Portezuelo Multi Adventure Park and Mountain Lodge.
Seeing, in the finest and broadest sense means using your senses, your intellect and your emotions. The visual
artist best expresses a theme or idea by using good composition (visual design)
to support the subject matter being photographed. Good seeing begins with careful observation of what’s around you. Always strive to look at the world in a new way. This is when you will stop looking…and
begin seeing…lines…shapes…textures…patterns…and colors you hadn’t thought possible. By avoiding preconceived ideas about how to translate your specific subject matter you’ll truly begin to explore external reality in ways that you have never experienced before.
Learning to SEE photographically means being able to abstract or extract subject matter in a given art making situation. We will spend the entire workshop developing and enhancing our photographic sensibility and visual awareness.It’s also important to realize that a committed photographer cannot truly investigate the full potential of his/her chosen medium without an understanding of the technical “fundamentals” of that medium, for example photographers must understand basic camera operation, shutter speed, aperture and depth of field. Technical issues will be addressed based on skill level of the workshop participants.

Mexican Photographer JuanJorge and I will address the importance of SEEING the details in all things (lines, shapes, textures, colors values) and learning to become hyper aware (sensitive) to our surroundings in addition to sharing tips for creating dynamic environmental portraits. I will also give a presentation on the importance of light and the crucial role it plays in photography and essentially all 2 – D art forms. The workshop will address both the role light plays in defining surface quality of objects and how it can be used for expressive / symbolic purposes in our photography.


The workshop faculty will walk around and work with small groups and be available for questions and feedback as we go out and make photographs. You can find a scenic landscape, photograph flowers, designs in nature applying the technique of photographic seeing, in addition to writing down your thoughts and observations about what you are learning and applying in your journal.

Post a comment to this blog post if you are interested in attending this workshop or

For more information call +503 22636502 in El Salvador or e mail

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