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Some Photographs and Observations from Vienna…

Its been a great 2 weeks in Vienna visiting with my friend and VASA Project colleague Roberto Muffeletto.  We have been attending photography openings just about every night and spending our days exploring and photographing in and around the city and going to some great museums, exhibitions, markets and of course pubs.  I must say the beer in Vienna is excellent! I have not had one bad beer since I arrived in the city.

Vienna City Center

Vienna City Center

Vienna is a lot bigger than I anticipated and is bustling with activity and energy.  This eastern European city is also very supportive of the arts and has a very strong and viable photographic community.

Land in Sicht Photo Exhibition, Vienna

Land in Sicht Photo Exhibition, Vienna

The language barrier is one of the biggest challenges to international traveling for me. People for the most part are the same wherever you go, yet customs can be very different. I have found that knowing a few key words in the local language can go a long way in helping to navigate around any foreign city. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how friendly and helpful the artists and photographers (and people in general) have been in directing Roberto and I to shows, openings, restaurants and exhibitions.

Photo Opening in Vienna

Photo Opening in Vienna

Travel is all about experiencing new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. You can’t be afraid to try different foods, and meet new people and explore new places. That is what I find exciting and exhilarating, in addition to taking my camera out to try and capture the magic and flavor of any foreign city.

The following is a cross section of some photos I have taken in the past few days just walking around this beautiful city. Off to Prague Monday!


4 comments on “Some Photographs and Observations from Vienna…

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  3. Daniel
    December 4, 2013

    Hi Patrick! This is Daniel from the flight on 22nd November from Vienna to NY. I am back now in Vienna and I have to say I was really impressed by NYC and Ithaca!
    Both cities were so awesome I still cant belive it.
    Btw I the article about Vienna is really nice. Also i almost finished the Preston & Child book…it gets really intense!

    with best regards Daniel

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