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Early Morning Shoot on Long Island

I went out Photographing with my old childhood friend Jim Dunn yesterday morning. If you have a passion  for photography – I believe you can make unique and visually interesting pictures anywhere you go. I don’t have to be traveling through Europe or Central America to capture great photographs. I just have to be open, aware and sensitive to my environment to find potential subject matter for my camera.

Cat Tails @ Cordwood Beach, St. James

Cat Tails @ Cordwood Beach, St. James

Jim and I met before sunrise and drove to a little beach on the north shore of Long Island in St. James.  We waited patiently for the sun to break through the clouds and illuminate the water and sea grass. Jim and I go way back to childhood days and it was great to reconnect with him – especially since he has the same passion and enthusiasm for photography that I do.

Jim Dunn Waiting on the Sunrise

Jim Dunn Waiting on the Sunrise

It doesn’t matter where I am in this world, I love making photographs at whatever location (country) I find myself.  It was a great adventure traveling and photographing through Eastern Europe this past month, however it is also good to be back in the states photographing with a great friend here on the east coast of Long Island.

Little Green House @ Stony Brook Beach

Little Green House @ Stony Brook Beach

Photography helps me appreciate, enjoy and connect with my environment – no matter where that may be.  You are not always going to get a fantastic image every time,  in fact…if you get one or two great photographs during any photographic outing you are doing good.

Cordwood Beach by Jim Dunn

Cordwood Beach by Jim Dunn

The light was not as magical or crisp as I would have liked yesterday, but we both enjoyed the challenge of coming back with a few decent photographs from our early morning photographic excursion, in addition to reminiscing about our crazy pasts growing up in the 1960’s on Long Island.

By Jim Dunn

Photo of me by  Jim Dunn

Here are a few more I took that hopefully rise above “snap-shot” mode. Click image to enlarge.


6 comments on “Early Morning Shoot on Long Island

  1. judy
    November 27, 2013

    Totally agree with you that you don’t have to go to some exotic place to capture great images…having said that, LI is a photographer heaven as far as I am concerned:)…I didn’t know that green house was still on the tip of Old Field beach, somehow thought it has been destroyed during some storm. BTW great shots!

    • Patrick Keough
      November 27, 2013

      Yes Judy. The North Eastern part of LI is really beautiful and scenic to photograph. Agreed! I remember seeing that green house as a kid and we stumbled upon it yesterday morning while out photographing in Stony Brook. Thanks for your comment to my blog.

  2. lesleycarter
    November 27, 2013

    I love the last shot the most. You can see the cold yet the photo is warm. 🙂

    Bucket List Publications

    • Patrick Keough
      November 27, 2013

      Thanks Leslie! It was a very cold morning but always fun when I have my camera with me.

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    February 28, 2014

    Great photographer!!!

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