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Photography is like Meditation

As soon as I have a camera in my hand I begin to see the world around me a little differently. I become more “in-tune” with my surroundings. The textures in things, shapes of the branches hanging from trees and nuanced colors of the sky, earth and all around me. There are pictures to be captured everywhere. You just have to sensitize yourself to SEE them.

Crashing Waves and Silhouettes

Crashing Waves and Silhouettes

There is an intangible aspect to photography that is very difficult to articulate. I feel more connected to my surroundings when I am making photographs. Photography for me is very much like meditation because it forces me to “be present” and “in the moment”. My worries and anxieties fade away as I am finding and framing unique and visually engaging photographs.

Sunrise Bogue Sound

Sunrise Bogue Sound

It really doesn’t matter where I am…I can be strolling through a deserted old cemetery or walking on the beach at sunset. Once I completely “let go” and put myself into what I call photo mode the worries of the world melt away and I completely zone in on the act of picture making.

Old Nets in Beaufort

Old Nets in Beaufort

I find the photographic process more rewarding than looking at the finished prints or images on my computer screen. Sure its fun and exciting to edit and select pictures I’ve recently taken, however its not as fulfilling to me as being outdoors with my camera in search of interesting subjects to photograph.

Ft. Macon Interior

Ft. Macon Interior

That is the intangible factor for me. I can’t explain it – its just how I feel about photography. That hyper aware conceptual process of scanning ones environment with camera in hand and photographically investigating (dissecting) a given subject is where the real fun and excitement is for me.

Beaufort Cemetery

Beaufort Cemetery

That subject can be as simple and mundane as a piece of driftwood, a beach fence or an old discarded fishing net. That moment in time when you have your viewfinder up to your eye and carefully frame the subject, pre-visualizing what it will look like and then clicking the shutter when the composition intuitively feels right based on your personal vision and sensibility as an image maker. That split second in time is magical to me.

Beach Fence Atlantic Beach

Beach Fence Atlantic Beach

This is why I make photographs. This is why I am a photographer.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
Marc Riboud


2 comments on “Photography is like Meditation

    February 28, 2014

    I read your post. It’s really nice and I like your post. It’s very simple to understand.Nice post and nice information too.Thank you for sharing………..

  2. As always, makes me miss home! Lo

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