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My Daughter Andei’s Upcoming Adventures

My daughter Andei recently arrived in Hawaii to visit her Mom and step-dad and go on a bike tour around Kona Island.  When she returns from her biking/photography sojourn she well be sailing across the Pacific as a mate on  the Bliss, assisting her Mom and Robert her step-dad get their boat back to the states.

Andei Arriving in Hawaii

Andei Arriving in Hawaii

You can read more about Andei’s bike adventure by going to her “go fund me” site.

Here is what she says about her biking excursion around Kona….

Andei with her Bike

Andei with her Bike

“My journey starts and ends with the bliss of experiential insanity. It dawned on me that the only path is an ever changing one. Why not get on a bike and climb a mountain every once in a while.  That is when I chose to consciously climb the volcanic island of Kona, Hi to understand the brilliance of the fire Goddess herself.

This is a simple fund to keep my legs moving on the path of least resistance. Putting forth my best energy into the people I meet and the audacity to continue on an authentic,artistic, athletic adventure.

The first leg of my journey will be the 50 mile stretch of the iron man tour. This is an obviously intense stretch of pavement and cant wait to tackle it with the greatest of ambition. Am avidly looking for tour bike sponsorship on the big island and any leads help! (I currently have little to no supplies;) Plan on camping and friendly lodgings when appropriate.

Tingling with anticipation for trade farming (woofing), learning as much as I can about cultivating land and plant life. Avidly looking for good family farms to work on.  Allowing the flow to continue I’ve scheduled a 10 day silent retreat Vipasana. Through self observation learn to cultivate the soul and delve deeper into the blissful unknown.

In any case, this fund will help keep my wheels spinning and my head dry by night fall. This will be over a two month long journey through desert, wet, volcanic, sandy, and all other unknown terrain. I hope to be baffled and amazed by the elements as much as I am challenged by modern day society. Through this understanding of natural raw beauty create space to love and nurture my surrounding world as seen fit by the Mother herself.”

Andei on the sailboat Bliss

Andei on the sailboat Bliss

Please Click here to support Andei’s Kona Bike Ride Photographic Adventure


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