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Ted & Todd’s Marina Photographs

Last weekend I went out for an afternoon photo shoot at a local Marina.  It seemed more like an old semi-abandoned boat yard than a viable marina, however there were lots of unique and visually interesting subjects to point my camera at and a few people out working on their boats.

Self Portrait Reflection in Old Truck Container

Self Portrait Reflection in Old Truck Container

Funny how I lose myself in my photography. It seems the anxieties of this world melt away when I’m in my “photo zone”.  I can’t think of many things I love more than to pick up my camera and search for visually interesting subjects to photograph.

Photography forces me to “be in the moment” and be present to the little details and nuances of my surroundings. It forces me to SEE…really LOOK and OBSERVE the world around me instead of glancing at it like we do most of the time.

Ted and Todd's Marine Service

Ted and Todd’s Marine Service

Pictures are everywhere! You can find unique subjects in your own backyard or in a boat yard for that matter.

Even though I love traveling to Europe and Central America and taking pictures of my travels,  I have to remember there are lots of places to photograph here at and around my home.  So with that said….here are some pictures from my recent boat yard shoot.

Side note….for many years I took my photo students to this marina boat yard to help hone their photographic vision.  Click here for some previous boat yard photos.

You can click on each image to enlarge.

Now go make some pictures!

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
Marc Riboud





One comment on “Ted & Todd’s Marina Photographs

  1. Airlie Pelletier
    April 22, 2014

    Makes me miss home!

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