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The Collaborative / Creative Process

“I believe everything creative is somewhat collaborative. If you’re a painter and someone stretches your canvas, it was collaborative on some level.”   Ron White

Journal Entry, June 11, 2014

I had an amazingly inspirational day working on a large scale collaborative abstract/mixed media painting with some very special artist friends and colleagues that I’ve known for 30+ years. I can’t get over how smooth and intuitive our collaborative project went considering we all have very different approaches, techniques and themes to our art. We all met at the studio of Henry Stindt a Professor of art and photography, in addition to being an active exhibiting artist who is currently exhibiting his work at Art Space in Richmond, Va.

Henry Stindt, Trish Hayes and Sue Luddeke working on our collaborative painting

Henry Stindt, Trish Hayes and Sue Luddeke working on our collaborative painting

I can’t get over how smooth and intuitive the entire process was.  After a short brainstorming meeting we decided the best rule for proceeding with the collaboration would be not to have any rules and from there we tacked up a large white 8×8 sheet of seamless white paper and in a matter of minutes we were all attacking it with creative fervor.

It was as if each one of us entered our own little creative zone and gently worked around each other, built and added to what the other person had done and essentially performed a little dance collaging, painting and drawing on the paper.

Henry and Trish painting

Henry and Trish painting

The painting evolved a lot faster than I had initially anticipated and in a matter of an afternoon we created a large, visually dynamic and spiritually / emotionally charged piece of art with everyone’s stylistic signature embedded into it. It was as if we all knew exactly what to do and how our contribution would compliment and enhance the other persons.


Almost no words were spoken throughout the afternoon’s collaboration – it was all driven by gut intuition and an underlying passion to create. There was a focused intensity in the studio as the painting evolved to the tunes of Van Morrison.


Participating in this first of what I hope to be a series of collaborative art projects has inspired and motivated me to get back to my art.  The entire process was very freeing to me on multiple levels. One thing I took away from this project is there has to be a level of trust and respect between everyone involved when doing a group art initiative. Another thing I heard Henry say to us while sitting back scrutinizing the progress of the painting….“you can’t be afraid”!


“A painting might commence as a figurative, transparent watercolor, but after the two of us have had our ‘what-are-we-going-for?’ conversation, a completely non-objective, mixed-media work might evolve.”

(Avie Biedinger)

This is where we left it….





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