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Fall Photo Excursion on Scenic Eastern Long Island

Its always nice to visit my family up here on Eastern Long Island. This was a spontaneous trip for me because of my Dad’s 89th birthday. In addition to spending some quality time with my parents here on Long Island, I also got to spend a morning in search of unique environments to photograph with my old friend Jim Dunn who is also an accomplished photographer in his own right.


As I mentioned in a previous blog post… I recently was rejuvenated and inspired to get back to my photography when I attended the Society for Photographic education regional conference earlier this month in Greenville, NC. I’ve been in a creative rut these past few months due to the constant demands of my online teaching duties and the daily grind of life in general.

Sunrise at Smiths Point Beach , Long Island

Sunrise at Smiths Point Beach , Long Island

It was great to get out and totally focus on making photographs yesterday. We started before sunrise and was blessed with great early morning light. Jim took me to some great scenic locations here in Eastern Long Island and the rest was up to me to capture some visually unique photographs.

Golden Light Through the Trees

Golden Light Through the Trees

Much like intense physical exercise, photography is a mental exercise that allows me to completely forget about the problems and issues going on in my life and the world around me. When I’m out in search of photographs I zone everything out except capturing that “magical/special” shot.


I find the process – the search – the act of making pictures more rewarding and personally fulfilling than the final product. Sure I’m always happy when I download my images to the computer and see that I got a few winners – however the real satisfaction for me is in the act of making pictures.

Tree Reflection

Tree Reflection

The creative journey of “looking” and “seeing” photographically. Tuning out everything else and totally focusing on making pictures and being present in that creative moment is what photography is all about for me.

jimdunnSo here are a few more of my favorite pictures from yesterday’s photographic excursion with my friend Jim.


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