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Ocracoke Meandering

Journal Entry May 21, 2016 400:pm


I’m heading to Ocracoke Island to relax at my old friend and colleague Ann Ehringhaus’s Bed & Breakfast called Oscar’s House.  It seems I’m entering a transitional time in my “later” life. Its weird to admit this fact….”later life” but the reality is, I am getting old and have many more years behind me than ahead of me.


I feel God is working in my life and guiding me through a labyrinth of paths. I’ve applied to be a Lay Missionary and have already met with the recruitment coordinator who gave me better insight and understanding concerning what Maryknoll Lay Missionaries do and how they are supported.  At first I was just looking into it, but now I am very excited about the possibility of becoming a Lay Missionary and sharing my faith and skills with those who may be less fortunate in Central America, Africa or Southeast Asia.

I’m escaping for a few days to do some serious soul searching on a variety of decisions I must make in the coming weeks. I’m going to stay open and receptive to God leading me through these upcoming choices I have to make.  The other being moving forward with hip surgery this summer due to arthritis found in my hips.


May 22, 2016 4:00pm

I’m getting lots of R&R in here at Oscar’s House B&B. Slept great last night and got to spend some time with my old friend Ann at breakfast reminiscing about old times and friends from the past.


Enjoyed some great coffee and a hearty breakfast and then  packed my camera in a knapsack and took a long bike ride across the Island along the ocean. The ride into a gentle ocean breeze and the salty smell of the sea was very therapeutic and cathartic. I stopped along the way to make some photographs. Some are posted here in this blog post.


I also visited an old college friend Bob Ray who is an amazing artist in his own right and runs a lovely little art gallery on Ocracoke Island.  Meandering around Ocracoke Island with my camera always keeps me focused on “the moment” and being present.  The worries of the world just melt away as the day wears on. I’m coming to the realization that I do need to have this hip surgery before I “hopefully” get accepted and leave for my lay missionary training in October. It was the difficulty I had getting on and off the beach bike that forced me to come to this realization.


May 23, 2016 12:45pm

Waiting on line to drive back on the ferry to return home. I’ve had a very restful weekend on Ocracoke, made lots of photographs and got some good rest, in addition to coming to some important decisions. It’s like getting your batteries recharged. For me it only takes two days to rejuvenate my creative spirit and ready to face the challenges ahead.


I’ve been coming to this Island for the past 30 years and it still holds a sense of magic for me. I somehow find new things to photograph and the light is constantly changing and altering the landscape. The ferry is taking me back to the mainland now – I’ll be home in 90 minutes or so. Hopefully this peaceful state of mind and sense of “well being”  will stay with me for awhile.

I came Ocracoke to gain some clarity on a few  personal issues and thankfully my short respite shed some light on how to move forward with the challenges that confront me.

Here are more photos from previous visits to Ocracoke Island.



2 comments on “Ocracoke Meandering

  1. Michael Ehringhaus
    May 26, 2016

    Glad your time on Ocracoke was so good and that you got to spend some time at Oscar’s House. Ann is such a wonderful person. I was last on Ocracoke three years ago, stayed at Oscar’s, and saw several of my former students. The potential for photography on the island is pretty amazing.

    Ocracoke is a place of magic.

    Great photography you’ve done.

  2. jessevanwagner
    May 27, 2016

    Everyone needs time to recharge the batteries every now and then, and what a place to do it in. Ocracoke Island looks beautiful. Love the photography Mr K.

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