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Derrah Ledford Spotlight

One of the true joys of teaching is watching my former students succeed in their art and photography. You can’t put a price on seeing creative individuals you once taught take the skills they acquired and develop them into their own unique personal style.  I am very proud of Derrah’s accomplishments in the photographic field and have asked her to let me showcase her and some of her work on my blog.

Derrah Ledford, Professional Photographer Extraordinaire

Derrah Ledford, Professional Photographer Extraordinaire

Derrah Ledford is a natural light professional photographer. After graduating High School she enrolled in the Photography Program @ Carteret Community College. According to Derrah… she chose photography because it was something she had a passion for. She stated in my interview with her the following,  “I was always amazed by how time could be frozen with a click of my shutter or how the world around me could be translated so differently with my camera.

Painting with Light Portrait

Painting with Light Portrait

I am forever grateful to have had Patrick Keough and Cathy Crowell as my photography instructors. Since graduating with honors in 2000 from the program, I have settled back into my hometown in Western North Carolina with my little family. As a photographer I get such a thrill from meeting new clients, growing with families & constantly pushing my creative side. I always strive to make photographs for my clients that are fun and unique with a vintage flare.

Environmental Child Portrait

Environmental Child Portrait

I am always looking for new and creative ways to capture my subjects personalities and inner spirit. I am not afraid to take risks and experiment with various backgrounds, camera techniques and vantage points when on location.

I have been so blessed to have continued my love for photography which has grown into a successful business.

The following images represent a cross section of some of Derrah’s recent work. You can click on an image and make it larger and/or review in slideshow mode.

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Cloud Reflection with Shadows

Cloud Reflection with Shadows

Jumping for Joy!

Jumping for Joy!



One comment on “Derrah Ledford Spotlight

  1. Jenny Campbell
    June 11, 2013

    This is a great article about an even greater photographer!!!

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