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PJK Teacher / Writer / Artist

Patrick Keough graduated East Carolina University with an MFA in Communication Arts after serving in the U.S Army as a military photojournalist.

One of his specialties is designing and teaching online courses (both total and hybrid), for the Community College System of NC. He has taught all aspects of art history, photography, and graphic design for colleges in the Community College System of North Carolina since 1981.

He’s also been instrumental  in furthering the distance learning initiatives at Carteret Community College and for the Virtual Campus of the North Carolina Community College System.

Keough has been teaching Art Appreciation and Art History for Carteret Community College,  Pitt CC, Lenoir Community College, Wayne Community College and Southwestern Community College over the past 15 years, in addition to conducting professional development workshops on all phases of internet course development and methodology for the Community College System of North Carolina since 1998.

He’s conducted numerous photography and distance learning workshops for the Society for Photographic Education regional and national conferences at East Carolina University, Hampton Va., Savannah School of Art and Design and Atlanta College of the Arts.   Keough also conducted distance learning training at the Distance Learning Alliance conferences from July of 1999 – 2008, the NC3ADL annual conferences since 2007, in addition to presenting at the NISOD Excellence in Teaching Conference in Dallas Texas in 2000 and 2001 and the NC Community College Conferences from 1997 – 2008 as well as the Noel-Levitz conferences in Denver Colorado in 2010 and 2011.

He was the Distance Learning Director at Carteret Community College until retiring in July 2012, in addition to being a full-time faculty member in the Photography Program and Fine Arts Curriculum Coordinator from 2003- 2008. He assisted (trained faculty) at CCC in growing its internet course offerings from 1 in 1998 to 13 in 1999 and over 50 for Spring 2000. The college now offers over 150 online courses both totally online and partial “hybrid” internet.

His latest innovation has been developing and implementing methodology for teaching studio and computer art and photography courses online. It’s been said that online teaching is more conducive for theory based courses – Keough is de-constructing this myth by successfully teaching a variety of studio courses (computer art, commercial photography, digital imaging, photojournalism, art history and graphic design) with web components and having students exchange images, graphic layouts and even video and podcasts on the Blackboard and Moodle platforms.

Keough was elected Regional VP for the North Carolina Association of Distance Learning in 2008 and served as publicity chair and blog administrator until his retirement July 1, 2012.

Keough’s has exhibited his art and photography work in local, regional and national photographic and art exhibitions and has won numerous awards for digitally manipulated photographic collages in the Council for the Arts “Photo Expo ‘94, 1st – 3rd places for work in “Art From the Heart” and Photo Expo 1995, 96, 98, 2003 and 2005.

His portfolio “Family Pictures was exhibited in the Southeast Regional Juried Photographic Exhibition in Clearwater, Florida, Bank of the Arts in New Bern, NC and the Upstairs Gallery Photography Biennial in Tryon, North Carolina. He was awarded a North Carolina Emerging Artist Grant to publish a catalog of his work and was one of three recipients of the Kodak Photo-Educators Scholarship to attend the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop in June of ‘96.

He was also the recipient of the Carteret Community College Meritorious Service Award for 1996 and the “Excellence in Teaching” Award for 1998-99. Keough was the Chairman of the Society for Photographic Education Southeast Region from 1996 – 1999.

He was Juried into East Carolina Photographic Biennial Exhibition in 2001 for a Mixed Media Installation,  won 1st place for his digital photograph Eyeries Village at the 2002 Carteret Arts Council Art From the Heart Juried Exhibit and has exhibited his Ireland photographs at the Secret Garden Gallery on Ocracoke, NC, in 2003 and at the Anam Cara Artists Retreat and Gallery in Southwest Ireland in Fall, 2003.

From 2003 – 2009 Keough exhibited his photographs in the Community College Annual System Office Art Exhibition and also had a “one man show” of his photographic work at the Jacksonville Arts Council’s Gallery June and July of 2005 and again at the Beaufort Art Gallery in 2008.  Keough published his first book Einstein Place and other Stories in 2006 and has been self publishing a series of Blurb books on his family, travels and journals since 2007.

In June 2010 he did a joint photographic exhibition with his daughter Andei Keough on their Ireland Photographs and in August of 2010 he conducted a Photography / Artists Workshop at Anam Cara.

Keough was awarded the E-Learning Innovator Award for the North Carolina Community College System in 2011 by the North Carolina Association of Distance Learning.

Patrick Keough retired from teaching art and photography at Carteret Community College in June 0f 2012 and is focusing more time and energy on writing, photography, traveling and doing photography, coordinating a Photo Sharing and Critique Facebook Group and distance learning workshops for Vasa Transmedia.

He conducted photo critique sessions during the European Month of Photography in Bratislava this past October 2012 and had his first International Exhibition called Crossroads in El Salvador.   This past June he curated his first international exhibition called The Daily Magic at the Archeological Museum in San Salvador.

Since retiring from full-time teaching in 2012 he is now an online adjunct instructor for the Community College System of North Carolina teaching Art History, Art Appreciation, Computer Art, Portfolio Development and Photo Appreciation. He has also been traveling extensively since his retirement and has been photographing, painting and teaching both art and photography workshops both in Eastern Europe and Central America.

My passions are faith, family, photography, writing, teaching, crossfit, traveling,  AND Blogging.




23 comments on “PJK Teacher / Writer / Artist

    June 18, 2007

    WOW! I can tell you are a great photographer, But also you have a PASSION for Teaching, too!

    June 18, 2007

    HIGH-KEY PHOTO at the beginning of this post!

  3. Marilyn Bjork Shuping
    March 3, 2008

    Patrick: I am a good friend of Virginia Smith, your fellow educator at CCCC. I live out near her in South River. But I grew up in Smithtown, lived on Clearbrook Drive, up the street from Chuckie Hughes. In fact, my brother, Alan Bjork, thinks he remembers you from Mt. Pleasant Elem. School. I graduated from Smithtown Central in 1967. Sometime when I’m down there ( I also live in Winston-Salem) we should get together. I am sure you probably served me a “Blue Whale” at the Gold Coast. Ah – those were the days.

  4. Kenny Barrow
    June 19, 2010

    Hello Patrick,
    Enjoyed your blog and love the new WP theme. I stopped by and talked to Kathy one day but you had already left the campus. Thanks for letting me use your little sailboat to unwind between classes. Aside from your friendship and energetic teaching style, that was one of my fondest memories.
    Kenny Barrow
    Sagitta Studios
    New Bern, NC

  5. keoughp
    June 20, 2010

    Good to hear from you Kenny! Yes..this is a great blog theme. That was many years ago when I had that little sailboat. What exactly is Sagitta Studios? I am sorry I missed you when you came by to visit the college.

  6. Don Beard
    July 22, 2010

    Hey Patrick,

    I was trying to look up you and Kathy and found your awesome blog. You and Kathy should get on facebook so more of your former students can find you guys. I am planning on moving back to NC and will come visit.

  7. Sunny Shannon Ingram
    February 10, 2011

    Patrick… wow.. I am impressed, thrilled for you and would love to say hello.
    I found your name, quite by accident, as an instructor at WCC in Goldsboro. I have move back to NC as of July 2009. I am living in Goldsboro, YIKES. Will go into that later. Travelling back to Ireland myself in either May or August.

    Hope to hear from you.

  8. Sunny Shannon Ingram
    February 10, 2011

    Ps… truly enjoying reading your blog.

  9. keoughp
    February 11, 2011

    It’s so good to hear from you Sunny. I am glad you stumbled on my blog. I hope things are going well for you. Yes…we need to touch base. Goldsboro? I love me some Wilbur’s BBQ 🙂

  10. Kevin Warren
    February 25, 2011

    Enjoyed reading your stories. I hope all is well with you and you family.
    Would like to catch a beer and share a story or two. I have good memories of the old days and growing up in Smthtown with your group. Stay well!

    By the way I think you served me my first bar beer with Eddie at the Gold Coast. I do remember the bell.

  11. keoughp
    February 26, 2011

    Wow Kevin!! What a blast from the past. I am honored that I served you your first beer and @ the Gold Coast at that. What an icon that place was – what a time we had back in Smithtown in the 60’s and 70’s. I blinked at they were gone – so gone! I so miss Eddie Kevin. I was the dumb kid at Catholic High School and so looked up to him. Where do you live and what are you doing in this mad, crazy world we now live in? We must stay in touch.

  12. Ed Long
    June 22, 2011

    You probably do not remember me…Ed Long…class of ’70.
    Good to see you are doing well. Really like your site!

  13. keoughp
    June 24, 2011

    Hello Ed! Class of 70. Yikes! That was a really long time ago. I lost my HS yearbook so I am having trouble visualizing what you look like, but I do remember your name. How are you and what have you been up to since leaving HF. I went to the 30th Reunion. Hard to believe 0ver 10 years have gone by since then. Touch base!

  14. Deb (Deininger) Loesel
    October 25, 2012

    Hey, Pat. Deb Deininger checking in to say how much I’m enjoying my travels around your site. Gordon and I are in and out of touch far less regulalry than I’d like. But when we recently reconnected again, he sent along your link…………just fabulous stuff! I made it to our 35th; the only one I had an opportunity to attend and was sorry not to see you there. Then again, I was also sorry to be informed by Gordon after telling him I’d celebrated my 60th birthday in Italy this summer, that he was only 50; guess I should have stayed in closer touch over the years so he could’ve shared how he managed to shave off the extra 10! Congratulations on an obviously rich, well lived life thus far, and warm wishes for many more of those- Deb

  15. Glenn Bohan
    January 9, 2013

    Hey Pat – My sister told me about your blog last week (Tracy Bohan-Roberts) and then I ran into Guy yesterday and he mentioned that he saw my sister’s comments on your blog. I live about 15 minutes from Guy for the past 20 years and we now work next door to each other. I read a lot of the blog on Einstein Place, but not all of it and it brought back some memories. I was the shortstop for the Royal Roachman when the team was first organized and left after a few years. After I left Guy became the shortstop. What I remember most about the Roachman, we would get creamed by the lousy teams and then lose by a run or two when we played the better teams. The best team that we played back then, had two players that had actually played for the Mets. I remember getting wasted before the games and had we or at least myself, had played straight, who knows how good we might have been. I am hoping to come down to North Carolina sometime this year to visit my son, my brother Jeff and sister Sharon. I was also planning on contacting Charlie to stop by and see him and I would like to stop by to see you and Dennis. Dennis knew my brother Scott.

  16. Patricia Jordan
    March 9, 2013

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog, and know I will spend hours here!

  17. Patrick Keough
    October 10, 2013

    Hi Patrick,
    I almost feel like I am writing to myself.
    I was searching for myself and found you, how funny. I, too,
    am PJK and a teacher, former military, writer, etc. I live in Coalinga, CA., but spent three years in NC. Small world!

  18. designbydegroot
    June 24, 2014

    Hi Mr. Keough,

    My name is Nicolette DeGroot, but you might remember me as Niki. I stumbled onto your awesome blog after your name popped into my head and I took to the Google to find you.

    I was fortunate to have been one of your first students in your online Art Appreciation course at Carteret Community College in 1999. Our class even met “in real life” and packed in cars and carpooled to Raleigh to see the Rodin exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art. I will always be grateful for that opportunity: for I had never been to a museum before then. I had also never been to Raleigh. I grew up in the small eastern NC town of Newport, and until that time the furthest I had been was Jacksonville.

    I was so entranced by that visit and I still think about it. I will never forget the wonder I felt to be that close to magnificent works of art. As you may already know, Rodin now has a permanent home in the NCMA. I have a photograph of you with some of your students near The Thinker.

    Fast forward to today, and I am no longer the small-town girl with a wanderlust for the big city. I was accepted to Appalachian State in 2002, got a degree in Graphic Arts, and minored in Fine Arts. Between working for corporate printers and UNC-Chapel Hill for several years, I now live and work in Raleigh for the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources as an Artist Illustrator in their Creatives Services. My office is downtown.

    I have come full circle. Not to sound too terribly overdramatic, but I hate to think what might my life might have been like had I not taken that trip to the big city museum that day. I have you to thank in some respect for helping to broaden my horizons.

    If you want to find out what I work on now, visit my own site at

    Niki DeGroot

  19. David Alexander
    August 28, 2014


    This is David Alexander.. I used to play racquetball with you at a club that used to be called the Greenville Athletic Club a long long time ago.. Give me a call when you get a minute at (252) 341-7232.. It would be great to catch up..

  20. Pingback: WorldWide PhotoWalk in Antigua, Guatemala October, 11, 2014 | Vasatransmedia

  21. Lavinia Rifiin
    March 7, 2016

    You Sir, are as passionate about the Art as you are about teaching it. I have learned so much from your class. I came into your class with no expectations and I’ve been challenged many times. I knew I liked art prior to taking your class but I didn’t have an inkling to the depth of it all. I thank you, for an awesome class and for being able to learn from you.

  22. Linda Burgess
    August 30, 2017

    Do you have relatives that spent summers in St. James? There was a family that came and stayed with our neighbor every summer and I am pretty sure their last name was the same as yours. I have not looked at all your blogs, etc but I loved the Smithtown one. My husband is a photographer and Iceland is his favorite place to visit and take pictures.

  23. Patrick Keough
    August 31, 2017

    No Linda…however we did move to 50 Acre Rd. St. James in 1970. Lived in Smithtown from 1959-1970. My parents now live on Woodlawn Ave. St. James.

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