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Plastic Camera / Pinhole Images

Ireland “Diana Camera” Photographs Continued below…scroll down

dianaMy daughter Andei inspired me to pick up a film camera after 8 years of shooting digital and I must say I’ve enjoyed it!  The following are a series of photos taken with a medium format plastic Diana camera.  I can also use it to make pinhole photographs. I must say making photographs with a film camera is a much different aesthetic experience than with a digital camera. They are both fun but very different creative experiences.  Enjoy! You can click on the thumbnails to make them larger.

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Click here for my latest 35mm Holga Images.

Click Here for more recent black and white Holga Images


10 comments on “Plastic Camera / Pinhole Images

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  2. jedward706
    June 1, 2009

    Patrick — my daughter is interesting in getting a reasonable quality SLR digital and learning more about the tech side of photography — she has been researching a bit and comparing prices and is thinking along the lines of a Nikon D60 or D80 [i forget which] I am interested in your thoughts regarding equipment… if you get a moment 🙂
    I did not have your e-mail address handy — it was more fun to check in on your blog anyway —
    Ed Ladenburger

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  4. Patricia Scott
    February 21, 2010

    I was really impressed with the photos of your trip last year to Ireland,and the black and white photos, were amazingly beautiful !I loved the different places you visited and were shown in the pics.
    I also enjoyed the photos of The Snow this year we had, in Eastern Carolina. And to think, it was snowing at The beach !! LOTS of snow too,
    I see !!Unreal..and very pretty !! Thanks Mr. K. Great photos !
    Patricia Scott

  5. Stephen
    April 15, 2010

    It’s St. Stephen’s Green not St. Steven’s Green.

  6. mariekazalia
    December 28, 2010

    BTW, there is a group on Facebook I belong to, called Lomography = lotech photo
    using lots of these cameras. They have a store and website and newsletter.
    I noticed lots of Lomo cameras for sale at the Andy Warhol Museum shop too.
    Looks like fun!

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  9. Laura
    December 11, 2013

    HELLO Patrick!!!!! I know it has been forever since we last spoke and I am glad to see you doing what you love doing most!!! We Live in New Mexico now!!!! I hope you are doing well and Hope to hear from you soon!!!!

    Laura Machado

    • Laura
      December 11, 2013

      You were one of a kind TEACHER!!!!!! I am glad to have attended your classes!!!!

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