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Andei and Adam In Town

Its great having my kids here with me after being separated from one another for almost a year. We are having a great visit catching up on old times, sharing adventures and enjoying each others company. Adam just got back from his foreign exchange program in Argentina and Andei is here for a few weeks after living and going to school in Sicily.We had a fun reunion dinner at Floyd’s restaurant the other night and last night we went out to the Royal James Cafe and shot pool and ate burgers with 2 of Andei’s girlfriends (Lilly and Hanna) and Adam. Here are a few photos…more to come later!

andeicmast.jpg meandei1.jpg

Andei at the top of CMAST and her and I being silly in my office.


Reunion Dinner at Floyd’s Restaurant


After dinner at Floyd’s


Andei, Hanna and Lilly at the Royal James Cafe


Adam watching the girls play pool


Andei and I at the Royal James

I’m looking forward to an enjoyable and special time with Adam and Andei over the next few weeks. We don’t have much of a plan besides hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.


4 comments on “Andei and Adam In Town

  1. terry
    July 29, 2007

    i enjoyed the pictures of the kids with the walter brennen look alike……awesome

    August 6, 2007

    Definitely all Keough relatives. Looks like fun and HAPPY REUNION!! Check out new “‘snapsots only’ Homecoming” @ “MHC150.COM” “” Tese shots available on the web… COMING SOON! These shots are available for just $10 in a 4×6 frame – The business lecture still helps, NOW! THANK YOU for showing the great photo of us @ graduation. WHO took that shot? M.A.P.

  3. Cassie Barnes
    August 9, 2007

    can you please send a copy of that pic of all of us at graduation in high res to my email address. thanks

  4. terry
    August 23, 2007

    any more pic’s of pat and i may BLOG up my lunch…………kidding,…….love ter

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